NICK HARRISON - Producer/Writer/Actor

Though Nick has a Phd from a real university, he continues his work as a corporate entertainer. Perhaps it is because while he maintains high academic credentials, he remains essentially age-challenged. He is also obsessed with screen and historical accuracy and has thus acquired several "real" historical clothing - not to be confused with costumes - that he offers clients to "observe" him on gigs.

He considers himself a bit of a "method" corporate actor - always needing to "be" the part he plays. He has stunned audiences with his interpretations of gigantic hot dogs, ice cream cones and several other products. If he cannot be on Broadway playing in The Ice Man Cometh, he may at least be on Broadway & Cambie Street in Vancouver playing a mammoth Ice Cream.

Nick was successful as a stunt man in movies and TV until he was so badly injured that he stopped being successful at it. When he is not making Fools For Hire, Nick is busy surfing the internet for the next costume to antagonize Mike with. He is a Fool - a proud Fool For Hire!

MIKE CAVERS - Producer/Writer/Actor

Mike graduated from the University of B.C. with a BFA in acting. This was his first mistake. He should have gone with his instincts and joined Starfleet Academy. He landed unimpressive roles in TV shows and one award-winning movie that no one saw. Mike realized that his exaggerated facial expressions and dramatic gestures had no place on the big screen or his personal life, but served him well in the world of corporate entertainment.

For many years Mike has written and performed for private events, confeences, trade shows and award ceremonies until it recently occured to him that he should start an entertainment company that provides these services. So he did! It's called The Character Guys and it's fabulous.

Mike has worked with Nick for years, which means intense conversations about Star Wars vs Star Trek and being marginalized at gigs because of Nick's vast array of beautiful costumes that Mike can't afford. Mike is also over-joyed to be working with Neil Every - which only happened because Mike lied about liking Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance.

NEIL EVERY - Producer/Writer/Director

Sometimes known as "that tall guy with the British accent", Neil got a taste of corporate entertainment many years ago when he briefly dressed up as a Care Bear and handed out flyers for a children's show. Terrified by the experience he hopped on a plane to Canada and became a writer/director - it was cheaper than years of therapy...

He's made a bunch of short films and as a screenwriter has seen three of his feature scripts made into movies all of which he says are "barely watchable". In his spare time Neil wishes he had more spare time and dreams of the day the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup.

Neil got his geek credentials as a die-hard Doctor Who fan and he maintains that Doctor Who is clearly better than both Star Wars and Star Trek. He has two cats named "Warhammer" and "Rambo" and for 8yrs was convinced he was lactose intolerant. Thankfully he is back consuming dairy but is still intolerant of plenty of other things - such as Nick and Mike rarely sticking to the script...

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10 Things You May Not Know About Fools For Hire


1. Fools For Hire is a comedy webseries (and just in case you came here looking for a plumber, sorry, but you're in the wrong place - try going here instead).


2. Fools For Hire follows two hapless corporate entertainers, Nick and Mike.


3. Have you ever seen someone standing on a street corner dressed as a giant sandwich? How about a tour guide who plays a historically accurate character? Have you been to a convention and been harassed by an excessively happy costumed stranger? Yup, these are all corporate entertainers. They're real people just like you and me. They have feelings and though it may not seem like it, they even have a little dignity... So be nice to them!


4. Fools For Hire was created by Nick Harrison and Mike Cavers who themselves are real life fools for hire and have even been known to make a pretty good living as corporate entertainers.


5. Since they didn't have a massive amount of experience making a webseries and since they'd always wanted to say they'd been in a threesome, they invited filmmaker Neil Every to join them on their journey.


6. Fools For Hire is a labor of love and then some...! The show has no budget to speak of but that doesn't stop us from coming up with wildly ambitious and ridiculous scenarios. Thankfully we refuse to ever believe there is something we can't do and despite our families and friends often questioning our sanity, they do still support us. So much so, that many of them have even appeared in the show!


7. Fools For Hire is based in Vancouver, Canada but we're willing to shoot the show elsewhere if you can provide travel and accommodation. Bali is supposed to be pretty nice and we're sure they could use an awesome webseries.


8. The first thing we ever shot for Fools For Hire was the washroom scene mid-way through episode one. It was so bad, we re-shot it a month later. We've gotten better since then...


9. Geek alert! We are all geeks so we try to sneak geek and pop culture references into every episode. Some are subtle, some are not... See if you can spot them all!


10. You can hire the Fools For Hire by way of The Character Guys, their real life entertainment and event company! Check them out here.

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