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BIG BLUE (as herself)

Big Blue is new to the acting world but what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for with her larger than life presence. Meticulous in her preparation for the role, she can be difficult to work with. When on set, she demands that the cast and crew avoid ever making eye contact with her and insists that she have final cut on all episodes she appears in. Fools For Hire director, Neil Every, says "she is the biggest pain in the ass I've ever worked with". Big Blue will be making several appearances throughout Season 2.


Alice has been involved in Fools For Hire not only as the role of Mike's daughter but also as the machine gun wielding maniac known as Gator. She has also worked on set as a production assistant gaining a valuable perspective on webseries production. She has completed a film acting class at New Image College and is currently in the Gateway Theatre Academy. She is delighted to work with Fools For Hire - although she really didn't have a choice. Her dad threatened to ground her if she didn't...


Hannah has been acting since the age of 5 and has taken drama classes at every opportunity given. She is very excited about playing the role of "Mike's daughter" and feels as if this was the role she was born to play. She was not at all forced to be part of this sick, insane enterprise. Hannah is planning to use her new found fame to get an agent, acquire more lucrative roles and escape the madness that is her dad's career.

P.S. Please, please for the love of God, send help.


Olivia enjoys spending her free time drawing and watching her favorite movies which include Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Wars. She won a film award with her brother, Ben, last year for best short film Yai Eats A Cheese Bagel. Her favorite places in the world are home, Disneyland and Harry Potter World.


To say that Benjamin is highly motivated would be a colossal understatement! He took up Mixed Martial Arts at the age of three, starred in a Ragu commercial that went viral last year (winning a Silver Clio Award in the process) and recieved a Leo Award nomination for his role in Season 1 of Fools For Hire. He's excited to be back for Season 2 especially because of what he gets to do to Mike...!


A veteran of tv and film, Ellie has been gracing our screens for more than 2 decades. Perhaps best known as Morticia in The New Addams Family tv series, Ellie has also appeared in multiple episodes of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. She is currently starring in the upcoming YTV comedy series Some Assembly Required. Watch for Ellie in Fools For Hire beginning with episode 6 of the upcoming Season 2!


Colin has been acting for 25yrs and can currently be seen starring in the Steven Spielberg tv series Falling Skies. In addition to his long list of acting credits, Colin is also an award-winning director, his short film Centigrade being one of the most downloaded shorts in history on iTunes. Watch for Colin's insane performance in Fools For Hire beginning with episode 6 of the upcoming Season 2!


Before moving to Vancouver, Wahid was a television star in Bangladesh. He has acted in two minseries, several tv movies, commercials and has hosted various events and non-fiction programs including BBC World Service Trust Bangladesh which has a weekly audience of 8 million people. Fun fact: Wahid was on Conan O'Brien's Fan Correction Segment - watch the video here. Look for Wahid's Fools For Hire debut in episode 4 of the upcoming Season 2!

GARY JONES (That Guy From SG-1)

Gary is best known for his portrayal of CMSgt. Walter Harriman in Stargate SG-1. He has also made appearances on the TV series Supernatural, Sanctuary and Dead Like Me. A gifted improviser, Gary is an alumni of Toronto's Second City Improv Company and Vancouver TheatreSports League.

Gary returns to Fools For Hire in episode 6 of the upcoming Season 2!


Brianne is a 3rd year musical theater student at Capilano University. Recent credits include A Bedful of Foreigners, How To Succeed in Business, The Boyfriend, Twelfth Night as well as a stint as a contract dancer for Celebrity Cruise Lines. In her spare time, Brianne enjoys kicking ass and taking names. Look out for Brianne to make her debut in Fools For Hire in the upcoming Season 2 episode "Bianca"!


Rebecca has done some acting, writing, personal training, is very passionate about health and nutrition and is a good parallel parker. Her greatest achievement to date is Ben, 11, and Olivia, 7. Thanks to Nick for help with that. Rebecca is grateful to be a part of such foolishness as Fools For Hire!


Victoria is the founding member of the band Victoria and the Secrets who have been playing venues around Vancouver for the past 3yrs and will be releasing an EP in the Spring of 2014. Victoria feels lucky to be playing the role of Mike's wife and mother to his children (a really big stretch). She's also thrilled to have one of her songs featured in the soundtrack for Episode 3 of Season 2.


A survivor of past corporate entertainment gigs and obnoxious event coordinators, Jennifer had no problem creating the persona of Janet for Fools For Hire. You may have seen Jennifer in any number of commercials that involve booze or cars or as Constable Tait in the Comedy Network's Rockpoint P.D. You can also see Jennifer minus her clothes (yes, all of them!) as she stars in the upcoming comedy feature film Naked Night Bike.


Barbara has more than a decade of corporate entertainment experience under her belt! An experienced seamstress, fire dancer and Marilyn Monroe impersonator, Barbara performs live with several improv and comedy groups around Vancouver including The Critical Hit Show, Vancouver TheaterSports and The Fictionals.


Eric recently completed a community college day course in acting. Well, he watched the class through the window, at a distance, (damn restraining orders). Despite his apparent lack of experience, he has an impressive list of credits. He is very proud to not have cleaned out what little catering there was on Fools For Hire and his greatest achievement to date was getting the crap beaten out of him by Lucy Liu. Oh yeah, and having kids.


Pearce is the Artistic Associate Director of the world-renowned Vancouver TheaterSports League. He recently earned a spot in Cirque du Soleil's actor talent pool and is awaiting his call to perform soon. No stranger to webseries, Pearce is the voice of Francis in the video game webseries Under The HUD. Recent film and tv credits include Stargate Atlantis, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and the soon to be released Tomorrowland.


Mike has made a living donning costumes in weird and wonderful places for more than 10yrs now. Owner of the wildly successful corporate entertainment company The Character Guys. Mike is, like Nick, absolutely nothing like the character he plays in Fools For Hire although he does admit to having gotten "slightly stressed" once when he forgot his tights for a gig as a fortune teller...


An accomplished stunt man, sword master, tv and film actor, theater director, radio personality and doctor (yes, really, he has a doctorate in theater), Nick is nothing like the character he plays in Fools For Hire. However, he does love Star Wars, appreciates good cosplay and is rumored to have once played a well known "goofy" pooch at a world famous theme park...

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