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Following Eric's promise to destroy them, Nick and Mike each take a different path in how they deal with things... Nick chooses denial and Mike chooses fear. Welcome to the corporate entertainment word's take on The Hunger Games!

Guest Starring: Eric Breker, Barbara Kozicki and Big Blue.






Terrorized by murderous mascots and costumed freaks, Mike continues to navigate the worst nightmare of his life. Finding his way home, he thinks he's found safety but his nightmare has other ideas... The epic conclusion to the corporate entertainment worlds take on The Hunger Games!


Guest Starring: Victoria Davidson, Hannah Cavers and Alice Cavers




Nick is finally forced to face reality regarding the lost Florida gig. It's time to come clean with wife Rebecca. The again, maybe not...

Guest Starring: Rebecca Harrison, Ben Harrison and Olivia Harrison






Nick thinks he has the perfect solution to his homelessness but "Amish Pirate Supplies" kingpin, Wahid whose door is ALWAYS open, seems to have other ideas...

Guest Starring: Wahid Ibn Reza, Max Clough and Sotos Petrides






With Nick settling into his new temporary home in Mike's garden shed, the guys don British police officer uniforms for a promo gig. But with infamous Event Coordinator, Janet, in charge, it's only a matter of time before things turn hilariously bad for Nick and Mike.

Guest Starring: Jen McLean, Gary Jones, Ellie Harvie and Colin Cunningham





Under arrest for impersonating police officers, Nick and Mike are at the mercy of detectives Cagney & Lacey and things go from bad to awful when one of the detectives reveals his deepest fear... CLOWNS!

Guest Starring: Jen McLean, Ellie Harvie and Colin Cunningham






In their underwear, on their knees, a gun in their faces, the Fools are in a dire predicament at the hands of detectives Cagney & Lacey. Then Nick opens his mouth and a strange situation gets a whole lot stranger...

Guest Starring: Ellie Harvie, Colin Cunningham, Pearce Visser and Brianne Loop





Following the drinking game, Anderson is nursing the worst hangover in history but Nick and Mike soon discover that the mysterious woman who Anderson has lost to brings a whole new kind of nightmare for them to deal with...

Guest Starring: Pearce Visser and Brianne Loop




Nick and Mike prepare to pitch for a big gig in Florida that will keep the wolves from the door for months. All they have to do is survive the cruel, humiliating, management style of Janet the event coordinator...

Guest Starring: Gary Jones, Jackson Davies, Jen McClean, Pearce Visser and Eric Breker







Nick and Mike are all set for the big Florida pitch when they run into self-professed "God of Corporate Entertainment", Eric VonHuffington and his personal assistant, Rochelle...

Guest Starring: Eric Breker and Barbara Kozicki







Following Eric VonHuffington's despicable act of piracy, Nick and Mike must now find the courage to give their family members the bad news about Florida...

Guest Starring: Victoria Davidson, Rebecca Harrison, Hannah Cavers, Alice Cavers, Ben Harrison and Olivia Harrison







Desperate time calls for desperate measures so Nick and Mike arrange a meeting with Anderson, their booking agent who has a whole ton of possible gigs to offer them. Unfortunately none of them are any good...

Guest Starring: Pearce Visser, Eric Breker and Barbara Kozicki

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